3 Ingredients Instant Kalakand Recipe with Ricotta Cheese | सजिलो खुवा बनाउने तारिका

This is the easiest and instant way to make kalakand (खुवा ) at your home with only 3 ingredients, that taste fresh and better than store-bought. Impress your family and friends at any occasion or festival by following this recipe to make kalakand aka barfi or khuwa. While growing up, I always thought it would be very difficult to make kalakand (khuwa or khua or barfi) but this recipe reaches you in the simplest way that you can pass this recipe to many. I am sure everyone will be impressed with this kalakand dessert.


Sweetened Condensed milk – 14 oz

Ricotta cheese – 30 oz

Cardamom powder- 1/4 tsp

Butter to grease the container

Garnish with chopped nuts (such as cashew, almond, pistachio) and a pinch of saffron


1. Measurement for condense milk should be 1/2 of ricotta cheese.
2. Kalakand will turnout dry if overheated so timing is very important.
3. Kalakand will taste great for a week if kept in refrigerator.

  1. A a big bowl (microwave safe) and add all the ingredients.
  2. Mix it well with spatula until no lumps.
  3. Microwave for 15 minutes stirring at every 3 minutes interval. (total 5 times)
  4. Rub a butter stick on a flat 3-4 inch high storage container. Pour the mixture and make a flat surface with spatula.
  5. Chop some dry nuts into small pieces and spread on top of the kalakand mixture along with some saffron.
  6. Pat and press with the spatula. 
  7. Let it cool down for 3 hours at room temperature.
  8. Cut into bite size squares and enjoy.
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