Nepali Donuts Eggless Recipe | 5 ingredients Dairy-Free & Eggless Donuts Nepali Style

Nepali donut (eggless) recipes are not easy to find. So, I have created this recipe just for you who are interested in making eggless and dairy-free Nepali donuts. These donuts are crunchy from the outside while fluffy inside that you have to try to taste. You only need 5 ingredients to make Dairy-Free and Eggless Nepali Donuts.

Here are the ingredients:

All-purpose flour- 2 cups

Yeast- 2 tsp

Sugar- 1/4 cup

Salt- 1/2 tsp

Water- 1 cup

Sunflower oil as needed to deep fry

  1. Combine flour, yeast, sugar and salt.
  2. Add water gradually to make a dough.
  3. Set it aside for 8-9 hours. (covered)
  4. Dust some flour on the work surface to roll out the dough and punch out the ddnut.
  5. Set it aside for 40 mins covered with damp paper towel.
  6. Fry the donut.
  7. Enjoy with a cup of tea.
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